Programming at The Kids Creative Space


For Newborns to Crawling 1s and their Caregivers.

Tinies is a 45 minute music and movement class custom designed around a new theme every week. Examples of themes include Zoo, Holidays, Ocean, Rainbows, etc. All the experiences in Tinies are curated with this age group’s developmental milestones in mind. You can expect to engage in singing, instrument play, early literature, dancing, infant massage techniques and infant touch, and time spent intentionally connecting to your baby.

Toddler Creatives

For Walking 1s, 2s, and Connected 3s plus their Caregivers.

Toddler Creatives is a 50 minute music, movement, and making class designed around a new theme every week. Examples of themes include Rain, Colors, Insects, etc. In this class you can expect to spend the first 35-40 minutes with music and movement experiences such as singing, instrument playing, creative and free dancing, scarf play, parachute play, and pretend play manipulatives. The last 10-15 minutes are spent in a making moment such as painting, gluing, coloring, etc. Caregivers are present and participatory for the entirety of this class. All materials are provided.

Preschool Creatives

For 3s, 4s, and 5s + Caregivers Optional

In this class, caregivers have the option to join us or to allow their Creative to come independently! Why did we decide to do it that way? Well some 3 year olds are ready for the more sophisticated materials and activities this class offers, but caregivers want to be involved with them for connection purposes. Some caregivers would prefer their child to have an independent experience. There’s no right or wrong answer! It’s all based on what your family needs and wants! SO you get to pick!

Preschool Creatives is a 50 minute music, movement, and making class created around new thematic material each week. In this class your creative can expect to sing, do some song writing, play more sophisticated instruments (ie. drums WITH mallets, ankle bells), engage in creative and free dancing, scarf play, and pretend play with manipulatives, etc. The Creatives in this class have more autonomy of the direction of the class and are given more opportunities to decide how we engage in our experiences. Similar to Toddler Creatives, the first 35-40 minutes are spend in music and movement and the last 10-15 minutes are spend in a making moment. Making moments for Preschool Creatives include scissor work, gluing, painting, use of pipe cleaners, etc. All materials are provided.

Just Music

For Walking 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s plus their Caregivers.

Since The Kids Creative Space was formed, we’ve continually been asked “But do you do just music?”. The answer is now YES! This is a 45 minute, family style music and movement class. It’s a great option for the Creatives who want to continue in our programming, but aren’t necessarily interested in adding the making moments of Toddler Creatives or Preschool Creatives. This class may be a good option for you if artsy messes aren’t your jam OR if you have siblings that you need to keep together in a class due to childcare restrictions. In this class you can expect to sing, play instruments, read musical stories, dance, utilize movement props such as scarves or parachutes, engage with other musical pretend play manipulatives, etc. We end each class with a song request minute. Caregivers are present and participatory for the entirety of this class.

Elementary Creatives

For 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s.

Our Elementary Creatives offerings are most often summers camps that are 5 days long for a duration of 3 hours each day OR 1 day for a duration of 3 hours. They are thematic and past themes have included Christmas in July, Summer Time, Independence Day, Aaron’s Craft Soda in partnership with Servaes Brewing Company, Back To School, and Water Wonder. In these camps your Creative can expect to experience singing, song writing, instrument playing and orchestration, movement with props, open ended art making opportunities, sometimes water balloon fights, maybe popsicles, magnetic tiles, other building materials, engagement of imagination, etc. Of all our classes, Elementary Creatives affords the most creative autonomy to the participants. Elementary Creatives is taught independent from Caregivers. All materials are provided.

Creative Exploration Time

We set up in your space and your Creatives have unlimited access to all our materials, modalities, and expertise. Think of this like a “creative free play” time. We bring all our movement props, art and making supplies, and musical instruments. Your Creatives decide what they would like to do and how they would like to utilize our materials and expertise. This could mean they pick the songs we sing on the guitar or they decide how we dance or if we should try some yoga postures. Maybe your Creative decided what to make and how we should make it. This experience is completely child led with very little structure and no themes.

Birthday Parties

Give us a theme, an age range, and the number of kiddos attending and we’ll come up with a custom Creatives class OR Just Music class for you party! We’ll provide 45-50 minutes of programming for you. We’ll bring all necessary materials and come to your location.

Price is dependent upon length of programming, number of children, and location of/drive time to the party. However, a typical party cost is somewhere between $12-15 per attendee with a base minimum of $100.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your date and time for the party. The deposit will be put towards your total party cost.

Email or call/text 785-220-7533 for more information!

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