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Creative Arts Experiences For Kids

in Music, Movement, and Process Art

Owner and Head Creative

Jessica Ann Pitts, MT-BC

Oh hey there! Firstly, my friends call me Jess, which means you can too. Secondly, I’m a Board Certified Music Therapist of 13 years, former licensed Kindermusik educator, certified children’s yoga teacher, and mom to three creative children. Finally, The Kids Creative Space is my heart dream. It is a space where we explore open-ended creativity in the form of music, movement, and process art. We have Creative classes. We have camps. We have Kids Yoga classes. We have Music + Movement classes. Most of all, we are brave souls exploring everything it means to be creative because the future belongs to the creative and we are here for the future.

What We Offer:

We offer creative arts experiences in music, movement, and process art for children ages birth through elementary. Our classes are split by age group: Tinies for 0s – 1s, Toddlers for Confidently Walking 1s – 3s, Preschoolers for 3s – 5s, Early Elementary for 5s – 8s, and our mixed age family style class FamJam for 0s – 5s. All of our classes are led by credentialed educators.

Summer Camps

Week long or 1 day camps for early elementary and preschoolers.


In person classes for birth through 8 years old: Creative, Music + Movement, and Kids Yoga

Exploration Time

Open play hours for early childhood on select dates.

Featured in VoyageKC Magazine, CanvasRebel, and Shawnee Area Moms Network




Interested In Hosting a Pop Up Class or Camp?

Let’s talk more! We can create 30, 45, or 50 minute classes or 3 hour camps around a desired theme for a specific age range or you can rent out our studio for creative exploration open play which would allow your Creatives to have unlimited free play within all our materials and modalities.

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