Jessica Ann Pitts, MT-BC

Hi again! I’m Jessica Pitts and this is my family. My husband’s name is Kevin. He’s the unpaid intern of The Kids Creative Space. My kiddos’ names are Audine (9), Elliana (7) and Penelope (4). They are creative souls and you’ll see them make the occasional appearance. I lovingly refer to our house as the Pitts Sorority House. I’ve been dreaming about starting this space for years and in January of 2022, I took the plunge and did it!

For the curious souls, here’s a look at my professional life:

  • May 2009 Graduated from the University of Kansas (ROCK CHALK) with a degree in music therapy.
  • September 2009 – April 2010 Completed my 1040 hour music therapy internship with the Fulton County School System in Atlanta, GA.
  • April 2010 Started working as a music therapist with Therabeat, Inc at In Harmony Pediatric Therapy in Canton, GA.
  • June 2010 Passed my board certification and became an MT-BC (Music Therapist – Board Certified).
  • Fall 2010 Became a licensed Kindermusik educator and started teaching Kindermusik at Therabeat, Inc as well.
  • 2013 Became the Clinical Director of Therabeat, Inc in addition to still practicing as a music therapist and Kindermusik educator.
  • 2014 Had my first baby and took some time off. Moved to Shawnee, KS!
  • August 2015 – March 2016 Taught preschool music and movement at Lenexa United Methodist Preschool and had a surprise baby #2. Took some time off.
  • September 2017 December 2021 Taught Kindermusik at InJoy Music (also had baby #3 in this time period).
  • April 2023 Became a certified children’s yoga teacher.

My Passion

Which brings us all to my passion. Creativity and connection through early childhood music, movement, and art (or making as you will often hear me call it).

Do I do children’s music classes? Yes.
Is there movement in those classes? Absolutely.
Are you looking for a little arts and crafts goodness to go with it? Look no further!

Just think of me as your child’s Creative Coach. And as your coach I can tell you that I love early childhood music and movement. And I also love process based art (aka making).

I am here to help your child embrace and grow their own innate creativity with open-ended opportunities in music, movement, and making. In a nutshell, I provide the materials, the space, and the framework for creativity to happen. Your child provides the creative magic.

My Goal

To be creative.

Our classes and camps will often work around a specific theme.

We’ll sing, play instruments, write songs. We’ll tell musical stories.
Movement will happen – maybe with props, maybe pretend play, dancing or yoga postures, gross motor stories.
We’ll make with process based art. That may include painting, drawing, and building. Or creating collages. Sometimes what we make will be edible. Sometimes it will be a keepsake. It often will be the biggest mess you have ever seen (on that note, if messes scare you than I am not for you).

But it will always be creative. Because to create is to be brave.

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