Oh hey, I’m Jess, the owner and head creative over here at The Kids Creative Space, LLC. Welcome to my inaugural blog post!

What is the blog going to be about? Great question!

We’ll talk all things early childhood. We’ll talk about our music and movement, incorporating preschool and toddler art into your daily lives, early childhood development, and crafts! We’ll talk about our music classes. We’ll talk about the neuroscience behind music. We’ll talk about why I structure my classes the way that! I’ll give you peaks behind the curtain of why I do what I do and how I came to do it. Sometimes my takes will be spicy because I am a little spicy. We’ll have guest posts from time to time because there are a lot of smart people out there who have information to share!

So grab your coffee and settle in.

Be brave. Stay Creative.

Auntie Jess

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